The ROICE team at the XXXIV SCAR Biennial Meeting

The ROICE, represented by Dr. Cristina Purcarea, Dr. Cristian Coman, PhD. Iris Maria Tuşa and PhD. Corina Iţcuş, participated in August 20 – 30, 2016, at the XXXIV SCAR Biennial Meeting and Open Science Conference, which held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SCAR 2018

The scientific papers of the ROICE members team were accepted for the the XXXIV Biennial Meeting of the SCAR – Open Scientific Conference.

Dr. Cristian Coman sustained an oral presentation at the S23 session, with the title:

  • Microbial community structure in different snow types from King George Island, Antarctica – verbal presentation during S23 session. Microbes, diversity, and ecological roles. Presentation: Dr. Coman Cristian. Authors: Cecilia Chiriac, Corina Ițcuș, Cristina Purcărea, Nicolae Dragoș, Knut Rudi, Sorin Marius Avramescu, Irina Fierascu, Lucian Barbu-Tudoran, Iris Tusa, Manuela E. Sidoroff, Cristian Coman.

SCAR 2018 Dr.Cristian Coman

Phd. Iris Tuşa, Phd. Corina Iţcuş together with Dr. Cristina Purcărea had the following papers presented in the poster sessions:

  • Influence of ecological conditions from Antarctica on human erytrocytes viability. Preliminary raport – poster presentation during S32 session. Human biology and medicine. Presentation: PhD. Iris Maria Tușa. Authors: Iris Tuşa, Corina Iţcuş, Manuela Sidoroff, Daniela Bratosin.

SCAR 2018 DrD. Iris Tusa

  • Spatial diversity of glacier ice bacteria from King George Island (NW Antarctica) – poster presentation during S23 session. Microbes, diversity, and ecological roles. Presentation: PhD. Corina Iţcuş and Dr. Cristina Purcărea: Authors: Corina Iţcuş, Cristian Coman, Constantin Marin, Tue Kjærgaard Nielsen, Lars Hansen, Iris Tusa, Manuela E. Sidoroff, Cristina Purcarea.

SCAR 2018 Dr. Cristina Purcarea

Important facts related to the event:

  • SCAR 2016 was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
  • It was attended by nearly 1,000 researchers and managers that relate to Antarctica.
  • The Open Science Conference had the theme “Antarctica in the Global Earth System: From the Poles to the Tropics”.
  • >XXXIV SCAR Delegates’ Meeting had the following agenda: Membership, SCAR Officers, Science, Data and Information: Highlights, Progress and Plans, SCAR and Policy Advice, Capacity Building, Education and Training: Progress and Plans, Communications: Progress and Plans, Major Meetings, SCAR Business, SCAR Officers, Finance, the SCAR Development Council, Other Business.
  • It was approved the project of the SCAR strategic plan 2017-2022, which has five key objectives.
  • The final report of the event setting out the details of the discussions and the decisions of the meetings was approved.

SCAR 2018 Group

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