The ROICE expeditions are organised by the Department for Arctic and Antarctic Research of the National Institute of Research & Development for Biological Sciences, in partnership with Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). The teams of Romanian researchers will be located during the expedition at the King Sejong Korean Station, on the King George Islands in West Antarctica.

Should you wish to support these endeavours of the Department for Arctic and Antarctic research, please get in touch.

ROICE 2015 – Partners and sponsors

For the ROICE 2015 expedition, the partners and sponsor which we are grateful to have on board are:

The Korean Polar Research Institute – KOPRI (partner)

Institutul Coreean pentru Cercetari Polare - KOPRIKorea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) was founded in 1987, as a government supported research institute, specializing in polar sciences and as the operator of the Korean Antarctic Research Programme (KARP). KOPRI has the largest research infrastructure in this field, in the world.

Vision KOPRI – World’s Center in the Polar Research field.

Its main mission is developing a global program that includes scientific research, studies and long-term observations that will address key points, of global or fundamental importance, requiring access in Antarctica / Arctic and the adjacent areas.

The partnership between the two institutions is conducted in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty and the Madrid Protocol.

Himalaya (sponsor)

HimalayaDavid Neacşu, is a great Romanian alpinist, who has established the Himalaya brand, designed to support „the passion of conquering the heights of the world.” David Neacsu has taken part in 28 expeditions, on the great international mountains. He was the leader of the first Romanian expedition on Everest in 2003, and he also led the Romanian expedition in Northland Antarctica 2009, on Mount Vinson 4.897m.

Having already earned a reputation among connoisseurs, Himalaya is the place where you can get equipped, be it a two-day trip in Bucegi or an expedition to Antarctica.

AAECR (sponsor)

AAECRReducing carbon dioxide emissions, in direct correlation with the thickness of the ozone layer and the Earth’s ocean acidification, is an important priority of concern around the world, on all continents, given the interdependence of global ecosystems – including Antarctica.

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is not just a concept, but also a way through which we can reduce the impact of negative effects on the environment by reducing the energy consumption.

The diploma of excellence awarded to AAECR for their work in the field of buildings energy efficiency, represents an acknowledgment of the goals and achievements of the association.