Departamentul pentru Cercetări Arctice și Antarctice - Expediția ROICE 2015

The Department for Arctic and Antarctic Research

The National Institute of Research & Development for Biological Sciences

The Department for Arctic and Antarctic Research of the National Institute of Research & Development for Biological Sciences was founded through the Order 222 given by the Minister Delegate from Ministry of National Education, on 13.05.2014, with the purpose of ensuring the continuation of Romanian scientific success in Arctic and Antarctica.

Current Expedition: ROICE 2015 →


Exploring the Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems and their response to climate change, as well as collating the results from similar explorations of other ecosystems in Romania.


Organizing scientific expeditions in polar zones and developing a management platform for the obtained research results.

Fields of Activity

  1. Participating in defining the Research Strategy in the field of polar research;
  2. Contributing to establishing and implementing the National Research Plan in Polar Zones;
  3. Research and Development activity in Arctic and Antarctica;
  4. Creating a Management Platform for the Arctic & Antarctic Scientific Results;
    Main Objective – national database encompassing the results of scientific research (statistical approach, using the expertise and experience of researchers from the Department of Bioinformatics within INCDSB).
  5. Organizing expeditions for scientific research in Arctic & Antarctica.

About the National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences (NIRDBS)

It is an important research structure in the field of life sciences research in Romania, which promotes fundamental and applied research.

Our mission is excellence in research in life sciences research undertaken through integrated research processes in biological sciences and in cooperation with local and international partners to understand the processes of life and solve issues of health, food, society and the environmental problems.

Main directions of activity

The three main directions (biomedicine, agriculture and the food industry, as well as biodiversity) are the backbone of the Institute activity, supported and linked by a horizontal structure which consists of three main areas: bio analysis, bioinformatics, bioproducts, and biotechnologies.

The three areas are linked “sine qua non” by the horizontal structure, each of these directions, and all together, contributing equally to the Research & Development activity of the Institute.

Area of competence and expertise

INCDSB carries out a wide range of activities and services for both types of entities, public and private:

  • Research and Development activities
  • Scientific and technical services
  • Consultancy services regarding research-development activities
  • Technology Transfer
  • Test and inspection services: testing medical equipment
  • Training and specialized services in life sciences

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